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Related Products Block - Shopify Add-on

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Pre-built block for your Shopify store. Copy & paste to install.

This is the PRO version with advanced features. Free version is on Youtube.

This block lets you add suggested products on your product page, in the right-hand-side column where you have the title, price and add-to-cart buttons.

Note: Compatible ONLY with these themes: Dawn, Craft, Crave, Taste, Sense, Studio, Ride, Colorblock, Refresh, Turbo, Impulse.

For all other themes, I offer an install service where I make the necessary adjustments ($120).

Need ADD TO CART buttons? Check out the Related Products Section instead -

Use case #1: Show your Color options

Do you have different colors but you've decided to split them into separate products instead of using variants?

Well this is the perfect way to show customers that other colors are available directly from the product page.

Gymshark does exactly the same thing on their product pages.

Use case #2: Create an Upsell

This can take many forms - a kit or set or a recommendation like "Frequently bought with". Change the heading to change the meaning.

Encourage customers to buy the whole set

Some other ideas:

  • If you sell clothing, you can add matching items from the same brand/line or color scheme.
  • If you are selling a tech product, you can offer batteries, a case, or other accessories.

Why buy the Pro Version?

I've put a lot more effort into building these more advanced features, and I couldn't spend that much time if I was doing it for free.

Here's what you get in the full version:

Show product title in a "tooltip"

When a customer hovers over the product they will see the product title.

Show a secondary image on hover

Hovering over the first product displays a different angle or lifestyle image.

Select column widths

Control how many products show per-row by setting the width of each product in %.

If you want them really large you can set 50% for just two products. If you want them really small (like color swatches) you can make them 10% or less.

5 products per row by making each 20% width. Black & Pink re-used for demo purposes

Additional info text area

Add a note underneath the related products.

Various design settings

More customizability of the heading text, the note text, the tooltip and the image fit.

What’s new in V2:

1. Add the block multiple times

For example, you want to use the block to show "Other colors", and then you want to add the block again, to show other related products.

In other words, adding the block twice to the same product page.

With V2 you can re-use the block as much as you need. Each time you will connect it to a differently named metafield.

The old Version 1 does not have this ability.

2. CSS field (for advanced users)

For those who know a bit of CSS, I added a new field where you can add your own CSS to modify the block as needed.

Why use my Shopify add-ons instead of apps?

No monthly fees

Buy it once and own it for life.

And if I release an updated version, you can download it for free.

Built into your theme editor

Edit everything in one place using the native Shopify interface, not a separate app screen.


Shopify apps will slow down your store. Add-ons using native Shopify code will not. 

Seamless design

Apps sometimes stand out like a sore thumb. A built-in solution will look like part of your theme, be less buggy, and feel faster. 

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30-day money back guarantee

If this product doesn't work on your theme, please contact for assistance or a full refund.

Last updated Jan 16, 2024

What's included: Code + PDF guide + Video instructions.

Theme compatibility:
Dawn, Craft, Crave, Taste, Sense, Studio, Ride, Colorblock, Refresh, Turbo, Impulse
Simple Installation & Use
Copy & paste into your theme with detailed PDF and video showing you how to do it.
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Related Products Block - Shopify Add-on

20 ratings
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