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Pre-built section for your Shopify store. Copy & paste to install.

Warning! Compatible ONLY with the following themes: Dawn, Craft, Crave, Taste, Sense, Studio, Ride, Colorblock, Refresh.

This section lets you add suggested products on a product page, below your main product. Often titled as "Complete the look" or "Frequently bought with".

Leggings is the main product, with the related products section used below.

It looks a lot like the "you may also like" section (that you already have), except you have total control over which products are shown.

And it's on a per-product basis - you can show different related products for every product.

I re-used as much of the existing theme code as possible. Meaning this section will inherit your current design and branding, and fit in seamlessly.

Note: See also the Related Products BLOCK, which goes in the right-hand-side column of the product page together with title, price, and add-to-cart buttons.

Use case #1: "Complete the Look"

Showcase other products that are part of the same "look" e.g. the same color or simply items that create a nice outfit together.

Buttons are optional. Column width can be changed.

Use case #2: "Frequently bought with"

This can take many forms - a kit or set or accessories to the main product.

For example, if you are selling a tech product, you can offer batteries, a case, or other accessories.

Change the heading to change the meaning.

SD cards are often bought with cameras

Section Settings

Comes with all of the same settings that you have in the 'product grid' section on your collection pages.

  • Enable or disable the quick add buttons
  • Show the secondary image on hover.
  • Change the number of columns both Desktop and Mobile.
  • Change the heading, background, image proportions and more...

Settings available in the sidebar

Works with variants

If the related product has variants, it will show a "Choose options" button. When clicked it opens the quick add popup from your theme.

Easy setup with Metafields (instructions included)

Connecting the related products is easy using Shopify's new metafields feature.

Metafields will appear at the bottom of each product page

Why use my Shopify add-ons instead of apps?

No monthly fees

Buy it once and own it for life.

And if I release an updated version, you can download it for free.

Built into your theme editor

Edit everything in one place using the native Shopify interface, not a separate app screen.


Shopify apps will slow down your store. Add-ons using native Shopify code will not. 

Seamless design

Apps sometimes stand out like a sore thumb. A built-in solution will look like part of your theme, be less buggy, and feel faster. 

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What's included: Code + PDF guide + Video instructions.

Theme compatibility:
Dawn, Craft, Crave, Taste, Sense, Studio, Ride, Colorblock, Refresh
Simple Installation & Use
Copy & paste into your theme with detailed PDF and video showing you how to do it.
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Related Products Section (Complete the Look) - Shopify Add-on

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